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AE77 Review: Skinny Jeans + Recycled Cashmere Sweater

I'm really not a fan of skinny jeans, as you all know by now. But here's the thing. I made that statement loud and clear in the AE77 SoHo store while I was there to choose a pair of jeans for my review. So, the very understanding and knowledgeable sales associated patiently guided me towards the men's skinny jeans ($168). She pointed out that the fit is unisex actually. And the jeans are not really skinny-skinny, but rather slouchy skinny. And I had to try them on. And ---- I left the store wearing them!

Introducing: Lutz Huelle – Spring 2022 Lookbook

Just in case you haven't met this brand already: German-born Lutz Huelle is a fashion designer based in Paris. In 1995 he went to work as a design assistant for Martin Margiela. Three years

Ready For Some Extra Cool Denim Jackets?

We're almost in September, Labor Day and all coming up. And there's no use in trying to avoid the unpleasant subject of fall arriving.

If you Love Hollister – Introducing ERL

When we first saw the looks of the ERL spring 2022 collection, we immediately thought of teen-brand Hollister. Definitely more pricey than

Hailey Bieber Rocks In Top Trend Loose Fit Jeans

Spot-on trendy, Hailey Bieber sported a pair of unisex high waisted loose fitting jeans - this 90's style that is right now hugely popular with

Unisex Denim – A Trend To Keep On Your Radar

Just to be clear: we're not talking about one size fits all denim here. But about unisex ,or genderless, denim that is meant to be worn indiscriminately by

Cotte D’Armes: Unisex Collection – See It On The Men

Following up with our feature about the Cotte D'Armes Contemporary Sustainable Denim Collection here. As mentioned, New York based denim brand,

Cotte D’Armes Men’s Fall 2021 Collection – Teaser

Above you can see the teaser video from Cotte D'Armes for their upcoming men's collection 2021.The male model, sporting a pair of the brand's

Cotte D’Armes Denim Highlight – The Blue Christian Pant

New York based denim brand, Cotte D'Armes likes to "play it different"! Like, as we have mentioned before, they don't believe in seasonal collections but

Q/A With Clarence Ruth, Creative Director of Cotte D’Armes

Just recently we posted about the relaunch of New York based sustainable denim brand, Cotte D'Armes. What we love about this brand is not only that they are focused on