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Cotte D’Armes Denim Highlight – The Blue Christian Pant

New York based denim brand, Cotte D'Armes likes to "play it different"! Like, as we have mentioned before, they don't believe in seasonal collections but

Spring’s on and We Really are in a “Flare Mood”!

Yep, it's spring time again and we are are starting to come alive with new (denim) looks. Celebs, models, and "normal" people are copping a relaxed attitude

Denim x Alexander Wang – New Cool Denims

Alexander Wang has become known for his rather outrageous and fun denims since he started his denim x Alexander Wang capsules. Actually, denims always are a rather big part in every collection.

Do you Have A Problem With Wide Leg Jeans?

And yes, this is actually an issue we have been hearing a lot about from our fans and readers. How to get the right fit when shopping for wide leg jeans. From our own experience with this style we can tell you two fundamental issues:

Your Fave Black Jean Isn’t Black Anymore – Help!

When I came across an article about the issue of black jeans fading - I right away thought about all of my comrades in arms denim.

What The Hell Are Barrel Leg Jeans? Find Out!

You've probably come across those wide leg jeans that aren't really wide legs, and also not really straights or boyfriend jeans. Balloon jeans?

FAIRBLUE JEANS – How About Some Laser Print Jeans!

If you're looking at your denim collection in your closet and feel like you need some kind of "freshness" in there (and on you!), then you will love the option

FAIRBLUE: Meet The Raphael Skinny Jeans

Paris based denim brand, Fairblue, does a real mean super skinny jean for guys, The Raphael Jean. Made of a heavier denim from sustainable Candiani denim, and...

Guys – Denim Questions? Fit Doubts? Read On!

Ever looked with exasperation and desperation at some jeans online without knowing exactly what they are about? Fit? Style? Size? What exactly is the difference between

Have You Met – Retrofête Does Denim, Too!

Obviously, we're always curious when it comes to what's new in denim. And since we've posted about Olivia Culpo in a pair of Retrofête denim shorts, the brand has been on our radar.