CLOSED: Sustainability Report – “We’re On Our Way”!

We are always curious about what's happening in the denim world in general, and especially, about what they are doing about sustainability. Today it's all about CLOSED

Top Jean of The Week: American Eagle Skater Jean

It's been a while since I haven't been able to talk about any special jean. Actually ever since my volunteer "imprisonment" I rather felt that it doesn't matter, whatever, as long as I am comfortable, any denim goes.

BLANKNYC – If you are Looking for Nirvana

Because right now, anything that looks/feels/smells like something from heaven... is more than welcome. Much more so when it comes to some denim Nirvana, and that's where BLANKNYC has us covered - literary!

Our Favorite Jeans to Wear During #stayhome + Later

It's been exactly five weeks that we have been in voluntary seclusion. We here at Denimology, and the rest of the world. And since then a lot of our former believes and ideas have changed, as it probably did also for many of you guys

Skinny x Slim Jeans – Find Your Best Fit, Guys!

Basically, what we said in our post for the ladies, the same applies to you guys. Just in case you missed it: The leg style of slim jeans is slightly tapered while the leg style of skinny jeans is closely tapered.

Let’s Talk About Dad Jeans: Comfort + Cool

The thing is that I am really becoming tired and fed up of wearing sweatpants and leggings. It's been only about one month or so, but it already feels like I have been living in those for a lifetime.

And What Really is The Difference: Slim x Skinny Jeans

If you want to sum it up: The leg style of slim jeans is slightly tapered while the leg style of skinny jeans is closely tapered. Slim jeans fit tighter at the seat and thigh while skinny jeans

BLUER – Temporarily Closed but Thinking of You:-)

BLUER Denim has temporarily closed their door - including online orders, but they want you to know that they are always thinking of you guys, their customers and followers.

Denim Industry: “After”- Effects To Think About, Seriously

An "outcry" from one of the denim industry's biggest suppliers, Mostafiz Uddin, owner and creator of Bangladesh based denim manufacturing company, Denim Expert. What he says made us stop and think

Top Jean of The Week: rag & bone Engineer Jeans

The main purpose of my weekly best jean post is to talk about jeans that are somewhat different and outstanding form the denims you see all the time everywhere.