FAIRBLUE JEANS – How About Some Laser Print Jeans!

If you're looking at your denim collection in your closet and feel like you need some kind of "freshness" in there (and on you!), then you will love the option

FAIRBLUE: Meet The Raphael Skinny Jeans

Paris based denim brand, Fairblue, does a real mean super skinny jean for guys, The Raphael Jean. Made of a heavier denim from sustainable Candiani denim, and...

Guys – Denim Questions? Fit Doubts? Read On!

Ever looked with exasperation and desperation at some jeans online without knowing exactly what they are about? Fit? Style? Size? What exactly is the difference between

Have You Met – Retrofête Does Denim, Too!

Obviously, we're always curious when it comes to what's new in denim. And since we've posted about Olivia Culpo in a pair of Retrofête denim shorts, the brand has been on our radar.

Summer Denim – What We’re Buying RN

When people tell us the only reason they're not wearing jeans in summer is because it's too hot and they're not comfortable, we strongly and vehemently disagree.

Mid Rise? Hi-Rise? Super Hi-Rise? Sky High? Let’s Clarify!

Before we're going into any details, let us take this opportunity for a shout out to all denim brands and denim retailers: Please, don't just describe jeans as hi-rise

Urban Renewal Vintage Wrangler Jean

Because old is the new NEW. Because we love anything vintage and vintage-related. And because we cannot resist jeans that were trendy back then and are an absolute

Let’s Talk About Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Denim

To be clear about one thing: we @Denimology are not ever trying to tell you what you should or should not do, or think, or buy. Our objective is to report about anything

New Jeans – Let’s Celebrate Our “New Normal” (Women)

Voluntary lock-in is (almost) over and we are slowly edging back to our normal life again. Kind of, let's say our "new normal". Carefully, aware of not getting too close to anyone,

Lisette’s Denim Closet – My Faves and Why (Black Edition)

So here's the follow up to the blue (denim) part in my closet. Today it's all about black jeans. So many shades of black, right, and with some camo pants mixed in between.