Denim: When you Can and Can’t Wear it

How many times did we stand in front of our open closet and doubtfully looked at our much loved jeans because of THIS basic question. Can I, or could I, or should I rather not, wear my jeans for a special occasion or event,

Top Jeans of The Week: Boyish Asymmetrical Fly Jean

Being a total denim addict, one of the perks of being also a denim editor is that I get to look at jeans all the time. Part of my job description - obviously! And you know, I am always on the hunt for something

How to Tell If Your Jeans Are the Right Fit

When we're shopping for new jeans, one of the biggest - if not THE biggest - question is always: Do these jeans really fit me well? We asked the denim experts at BLUER Denim about their suggestions of how to get it right. With years of experience and experimenting,

The Ultimate Denim Controversy: To Wash or Not

We know that this is a subject that has been talked, and re-talked, and talked about again. And, yes, we're going to talk about it again here. Why? Because it is one of our most fundamental questions when it comes

Top Jeans of The Week: Moussy Vintage Straight Leg Jeans

For those of us that love vintage denims with the look and feel of real vintage and not artificially created vintage-y like jeans, there is one brand that totally gets it.

Almost Spring – New Jackets From BLANKNYC

Yeah, we know - for us who live in the "wintry" hemisphere, it's still going to take some time...But the fact is that sometime soon spring will arrive. And we will be able to ditch our down coats and finally

Denim Talk: Find Out If You Are Doing The Right Fit

All of us - and that includes your Denimology team as well - have at one point (or two or three points) wondered about what jeans style or fit would be the best for us at a given moment.

Trending: Longer Inseam Bootcut and Flare Jeans

After a few seasons of straight leg jeans all over, anytime and everywhere, we are somewhat ready for some new denim styles. Not that we are ditching our straight leg jeans

Denim Talk – Which Denim Person Are You?

We have come to enjoy our denim talks with BLUER Denim so much that we decided to make our conversations a regular feature. And not only because...

Top Jean of The Week: Good American Flare Jeans

If there is one thing we really appreciate - besides offering great denim of course - it's when a brand includes an extended size range in their collections. And by that we mean