What’s Hot and New This Month – My Top Picks

Instead of posting my regular top jean of the week thing, this Sunday I decided to go one step further and share with you some of the dopiest new denims out there RN.

What to Wear With Your Jeans: Sweatshirts

Because the question is not only "what jeans are you wearing", but - at least as important - "what am I going to wear with my jeans". So we decided to help you

Top Jean of the Week: BLANKNYC Rivington Jean

It's this time of the year when we are still in the middle of winter, cold and dark and freezing. But we are really so done with all those bleak winter clothes, and more than ready to look for new stuff. New jeans,

Top Jean of The Week: Good American Good Boy Jeans

We have done pretty heavy researching because we needed to consider all the issues with boyfriend fits that have been coming up constantly: About just the right kind of waistline - no gaping , distressing ok - but not too much, cropped ok - but not too short.

Boyfriend Jeans with Rolled-Up Cuffs – Comeback?

Keira Knightely out in London Lately we have been spotting once again the cuffed boyfriend jean - 2016/2017 trend -out on the...

You Asked: Trendy Jeans for the Tall Ladies

Having covered the curvy and plus size ladies just recently, we heard you, tall ladies! It might not seem too big a deal for us shorties, but tall women do have a serious problem when...

Top Jean of the Week: CoH The Corey Crop Slouchy Slim

As you all know, rigid denim is my thing, and you also know that I am all about boyfriends, right?! And a few weeks ago I even mentioned here in a post that unfortunately we...

We Asked: Denim Brands’ 2019 Trends and Washes Part 1

For months now we have been previewing new denim trends and washes for 2019. You, our readers, have sent us a lot of e-mails asking about it, as well as lots of my friends and...

Ksenia Schnaider: Mom Jean or Wide-Leg or Both ;-)

Just when we thought the weird jeans scene is finally over, here we go again. And happy new weird denim year all! This time it looks like Kiev based designer, Ksenia Schnaider is having a...

You Asked – We Found: Curvy and Plus Size Jeans

Most of us "regular" women really aren't into crazy dieting, hour-long workouts. And much less to have our bodies violated with nips and tucks and silicone additions. We are beautiful women in our own rights,...