Lisette Loves: Cult Of Individuality Railroad Jeans

One of the best things about being a "denimologist" is that I always have a good excuse to be on the hunt for some denim that is different - a denim that stands head...

Lisette Loves: Joe’s Deedi Skinny Jeans

When Joe's Jeans last year came out with their micro-flare concept, I thought how perfect for someone who's too short to wear a regular flare. Unfortunately, the inseam was much too long for my...

Lisette Loves: G-Star, The 3D Super Skinny Arc Pants

Sometimes I get really upset when I am wearing skinny jeans because they either slide down my butt when I am sitting down or appear perfect overall, but once I need to climb up...

Lisette Loves: David Kahn Woodstock Jeans

When I check out any kind of tradeshow, there is always one special pair of jeans that grabs my attention. In February, at the Coterie show, it was David Kahn - so reminiscent of...

Nudie Jeans: Ode to the Selvage

This is Nudie Jeans Ode to the Selvage and I like it a great deal: Your jeans go where you go. They live your lifestyle. They get abrasions and scars. And they bleed. Just like you. I have been loving Nudie Jeans...

Earnest Sewn – Real Denim For Denim Aficionados

I had met Earnest Sewn's creative director, Benjamin Talley Smith, at one of the tradeshows recently and we had a very good talk about selvage denim. As I am on a roll in finding authentic...

Diesel Denim Bags

After first launching it last year, Diesel is bringing back the Divina Brave handbag in full force. Based on the imaginary movie saga 'License to Create', the new bags feature bright cotton coated twill...

Lisette Loves: Robin’s Cuir Jeans

When I first saw these jeans at a tradeshow here in NY I did a double take. Are these leather jeans? I went over to Robin himself to ask about them and when...

Goldsign Selvage

I am determined to make all of our readers understand and even more importantly value Japanese selvage denim. This is why I will keep on posting the real "McCoy" whenever I happen to see...

AGAVE GOLD – Real Denim For Real Denimheads

After having posted Naked and Famous and gotten quite a few interesting e-mails from people thanking me for posting this, I will make this a regular feature here on Denimology. Not all of us...