Designer Q&A

Q/A With Triarchy – Adam Taubenfligel

"Triarchy denim was created by two brothers and a sister {see image above}, who grew up riding motorbikes and horses while exploring the world. Their goal was to create a pair of jeans that...

Q/A With Marc Allison – Marc Allison Jeans

Marc Allison Jeans have been slowly, but surely on the rise. Since we, @Denimology, have started working more frequently with them, we have come to really appreciate what they are doing for the denim...

Q/A with Lauren Rourke, Style Manager for American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters is one of those fashion brands that cater to the eternally young, no matter what age. They actually aim for the young and trendy teens, but let me tell you: Every...

Q/A With Selina Tahmasian, Designer Denimocracy

We have been following Denimocracy since their very beginning and are really stoked about how the brand has evolved during this time. There was nothing meek or humble about Denimocracy's beginning. On the contrary,...

Q/A With Mary Ellen Moschetti – Founder And Designer of Parker Smith

{Mary Ellen is the second smile on the left} I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Ellen personally in the Parker Smith showroom here in NYC. An amazing and refined lady, she is full of...

Q/A with Benjamin Taverniti – Hudson Jeans, Part II

It has been exactly 2 years since we posted our first interview with Ben Taverniti, creative director and designer of famous and super beloved HUDSON jeans. We were curious and wanted to know how much...

Q/A With Erika Stromqvist, Owner and Designer of STRÖM

I was always fascinated by the fact of how people become designers and even more, how they start their own brands - it takes a lot of knowledge and, yes, guts! So when I...

Q/A With Rebecca Minkoff

Just last week Rebecca Minkoff Launched her brand new denim line. We have taken this opportunity to ask Rebecca a few questions and here is what she told us: Q: Rebecca, you are known and...

Q/A With Jamie Haller, Creative Director NSF

It was one of these rare times in life when you feel that someone out there, whom you have never met and who doesn't even know you exist, creates a pair of jeans as...

Designer Q&A With Nicolas Peyrache, Lucky Brand

I recently had the chance to visit the Lucky Brand HQ in Los Angeles to meet with the members of their team, have a personal fitting and see how jeans are made. It...