Denim on Denim

Ciara in Double Denim Vest and Shorts

Ciara was spotted out and about in Hollywood working some double denim done right. The sexy singer dressed in white denim shorts and a lightish blue denim vest or sleeveless jacket as they are...

Madonna in Double Denim Pea Coat & Jeans

Madonna proves that its okay to wear double denim! The Material Girl was spotted out at the Veuve Clicquot's Manhattan Polo Classic with her son David and Louis Vuitton creative director and master...

Vanessa Hudgens in Double Denim Shirt & Shorts

Vanessa Hudgens was spotted wearing this seasons double denim trend for some shopping this weekend. Vanessa wears a 3/4 sleeve snap front denim shirt with some teeny black denim shorts. I think she's done...

Christina Ricci In Double Denim

Christina Ricci looked cute when she appeared in The Adams Family seventeen years ago and she still looks pretty cute now, especially in this cool retro-style Wrangler denim jacket which she has teamed up...

Kanye West In Double Denim

Double denim is a tricky look to pull off but Kanye West demonstrates how to do it with style - make sure that the jacket and jeans are different shades of blue and have...

Vice Guide To Double Denim

Vice have written a typically contrary guide to double denim which they insist to be one of their fave looks.

Christina Ricci Goes For Triple Denim

I have mentioned the rule about avoiding double denim (jeans with a denim jacket) a few times before. Well Christina Ricci chose to not only ignore this suggestion but to go one better. Whilst...

Colin Farell In True Religion Jeans

Double denim (jeans and a denim shirt/jacket) is a pretty difficult look to pull off and is usually best avoided. However Colin Farrell manages to pull off the combination of True Religion Jeans and...

Do You Dare To Double Denim

Double denim (denim on the top, denim on the bottom) is not a look that many people can pull off. You have to have a certain amount of confidence to even attempt this one....