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New Brands to Watch Out For: AW and DK Shin

Part of a fashion editor's job description is walking the trade-shows. You can check out what's gong to be trending in the next season, keep up with your contacts, socialize and have lots of interesting fashion talks. And - of course - get to see what new brands are out there firsthand.

Introducing: Still Here – Jeans Made in New York

This is all about a super cool New York based brand that we discovered the other day while checking out new denims at Barney's in NYC.

Boyish by Jordan Nodarse – S/S ’19 Collection Video

Besides , Adam Taubenfliegel, owner and creative director of sustainable denim brand, Triarchy, I also had the opportunity to meet with Jordan Nordache

Introducing: Colovos – Sustainable Denim Made in the USA

Coming across Colovos, I was impressed about the creativity of the designers. Not only were they mixing very different kinds of denims,

It’s Happening – ARTMEETSCHAOS Website is Live Now!

The wait is over - Donwan Harrell's (ex Mr. PRPS) newest creation now has a legitimate website and you can finally - FINALLY - shop for the coolest denims, sweatshirts, and more online. It was...

Introducing: Boyish Jeans – Sustainable Made in LA

We are delighted to add Boyish Jeans to our "brand rooster". And this brand not only does super cool denim, but they are also vintage-inspired and all about sustainability. "Boyish Jeans is a line of women’s...

ARTMEETSCHAOS by Donwan Harrell – Launching Monday

 ARTMEETSCHAOS - Donwan Harrell's, ex PRPS mastermind, launches his newest denim line this coming Monday, July 23rd, and Denimology has been invited to preview. We only know it's denim, and it's for the dudes. We...

Donwan Harrell – Ex Mr. PRPS – ARTMEETSCHAOS

...and all we're saying (for now) is: ARTMEETSCHAOS  

Introducing: Upside-Down, or Reversed Jeans? Yes, Please!

So if you are into denim that is different, vintage, and sustainable because of using vintage denim, then New York based company, Cie Denim, sure has something to offer you! Each pair on their website...

Introducing: Clementine Jeans on Kickstarter

There are a lot of articles and complaints all over the internet, social media, and on different fashion blogs, about the same issues over and over: The pocket inequality of women's jeans. Think of...