New Brands

Introducing: Madam Norma Jeans

So the thing with this brand is that the idea of creating jeans for almost all body types is long overdue. Madam Norma Jeans is actually a Denim House, like you go to a...

Introducing: DU/ER Kickstarter Program

Canadian brand DU/ER has just launched o according to what they are saying, the most technically advanced performance jeans on the market. Wowser, I say that this is quite a tough statement...... But let's see...

Introducing: RUB Jeans – Rich Urban Biker

When I read the first sentence of this introduction, I felt that Richard Keghinian, founder and creative director of RUB, was talking about me LOL! I also have had a thing for denim ever since...

Introducing DULAC: Japanese Selvedge Denim Without Traditional Retail Markups

Dulac Jeans is launching its selvedge denim line through Kickstarter this month. Rather than building its collection around different washes, Dulac lets the denim speak for itself. The jeans come in a raw state...

Lotus Takes on Levi’s® – ?!

Lotus Takes on Levi's - ?! When I got this e-mail in my Inbox, my first thought was that why would anybody want to take on Levi's? I mean, isn't there enough space in...

Denim Therapy

Safe to say we've all spent a fortune on jeans but what do you do when your favorite pair passes the destroyed trend and is well... destroyed? Denim Therapy is the doctor you call,...