New Brands

Introducing: Brooklyn Bandit Jeans Co.

{Shown here is Trey in his Brooklyn Bandit Jeans} We so love denim made in the USA, and I so love denim made in NYC! This is why I couldn't pass on introducing this NYC...

Introducing: Swedish Brand Dr. Denim

Dr. Denim is an independent, progressive denim brand based in Gothenburg, Sweden, established in 2004. They believe in nontraditional ideas, in taking a path which intuition says is right, but others say is wrong....

Introducing: Believe in Denim

Introducing here Ludovico, an entrepreneur, 20 years old, and London based. He's a guy with guts who goes after his dream. Ludovico just started his kickstarter campaign and we are so totally rooting for...

Introducing: Marques ‘ Almeida

Did you know that Marques ' Almeida is actually the name of two people? ;-) This brand first came to my attention when they did a collaboration with Topshop not too long ago. I think...

Introducing: AMO Denim

AMO is a super cool new denim brand that not only is about denim, but also focuses on protecting and helping stray dogs. We love that - well, we love the looks of their...

Re-Introducing: Norman Russell

Following up with our contributor, Dustin's, introduction of Norman Russell last year, here is a bit more about the brand. Norman Russell's very first season was Holiday 2012. The denim they use is American Selvage...

Introducing: BOSSA Spring/Summer 2016

DOCKS Yeah, this is no typo - Turkish brand BOSSA is already into the spring and summer of 2016! Don't know why we have never come across this amazing brand before, but hopefully, we'll be...

Introducing: SCHOEN by YU

There is a new denim line that just recently came to my attention: SCHOEN by YU. Created by Lindsey Schoen & Michelle Yu, and made in Los Angeles, California. Lindsey was a denim fit...

Introducing: Scandinavian Brand WAVEN

Wåven is a brand that will appeal to a young trend-aware consumer. Wåven's attitude is defined by an aesthetic that does not rely on extraneous design features that may deter a consumer, but rather...

Introducing: Faustine Steinmetz S/S ’15

Faustine Steinmetz is a denim brand based in the UK. Their denim pieces are unbelievable, insane and truly unique. I have never seen any denim like this before! When you check out this lookbook,...