New Brands

Introducing: Grace in LA

Sometimes we are just so in the mood for some sparkle in our lives....and especially in drab and grey winter days. There are times like this when we're jonesing for something more than just...

Introducing: Love Premium Denim

Love Premium Denim is designed with the female body in mind to empower women – in these jeans, women are free to move, live and breathe while feeling truly sexy. It is the first...

Kickstart for Rock Hard Jeans

Rock Hard Premium Denim is a new brand that is trying to establish itself. They have a Kickstarter Campaign running right now and you can check out all about this here. By what I...

Georges Marciano – Teaser

We always love to discover new talents and new denim brands. But we also have an enormous passion for denim icons that make a come-back, which is the case here with Georges Marciano. In...

Introducing: The Canadian Denim Co.

This is perfect for the denim heads among you guys. The Canadian Denim Co. is all about producing selvedge and raw jeans made in Canada. Let's check out what they are telling us and...

Introducing: SPIDIDENIM Spring/Summer ’15

This is all about a just launched Italian brand, SPIDIDENIM. They do not believe in fashion, but in creating timeless pieces that will become carryovers. I am really intrigued by this concept. It would be...

Rokotov & Fainberg

Rokotov & Fainberg - Moscow-USA-1957 Rokotov & Fainberg is much more than just a brand. It is about a true story and you can read it here: BASED ON A TRUE STORY Their fight was very difficult...
Black Iron Clothing

Introducing: Black Iron Clothing

Dedication, passion and toughness; that is what inspired and drove the creation of Black Iron Clothing. A labor of love, Black Iron Clothing stands for quality and durability which can also be said when...

Introducing: Tortoise F/W 2014

I always love to discover new brands, and I love even more when I "fall in love with the brand", (you know what I mean, right?) Tortoise was a very obvious and perfect "match"....

Introducing: Todd Shelton

Todd Shelton recently soft-launched their home try-on Fit Kit program. This kind of sets them apart from many other denim companies. The Kit is, as they say on their website, 100% free which is...