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Marks & Spencer – Sustainability Standards For Denim

This might be very interesting to know about for our second biggest readership, located in Europe, especially in England. And anyway, we always love an opportunity to spread the word about the importance of sustainability.

Artistic Milliners Joins Aii’s Advisory Group

Artistic Milliners, a global leader in denim fabric and garments, has joined Apparel Impact Roundtable* (AIR) – an advisory group of Apparel Impact Institute* (Aii) represented by the top brands, retailers and manufacturers

Artistic Milliners – Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

With all the bad and depressing things happening these days around the world, it is a big pleasure for us @Denimology to feature some encouraging and exemplary stories.

Have You Heard? Barney’s Is Back @SAKS – Really?

The way we remember Barney's, it was just not some retailer you could fit onto a floor at some other retailer. So okay, we know that there

ARTISTIC MILLINERS Acquires Los Angeles Denim Factory

Artistic Milliners (Pvt.) Ltd., a global leader in denim fabric and garments, has acquired a denim factory in Commerce, California. They plan to invest

Denim Expert – Sustainability New Champion of World Economic Forum

Denim Expert Limited, a niche denim manufacturing and washing plant of Bangladesh, has been recognized as ‘New Champion’ by the World Economic Forum. It’s the only apparel

Joe Biden Loves His Levi’s Denim Shirt – Therefore…

we love who loves them. We love our new president, Joe Biden.

Bangladesh: Struggle to Survive – Watch on BBC

Mostafiz Uddin, owner and creator of the Bangladesh denim brand, The Denim Expert, reached out to us @Denimology. During a feature about the plights of Bangladesh at the BBC,

Artistic Milliners Launches Milliner Cotton

Today is World Cotton Day and there is naturally nothing more fitting than learning about a new cotton endeavor. Earlier this year, Artistic Milliners launched a campaign to promote organic cotton from Pakistan.

Denimsandjeans – DE-Brand Increased Digital Requirements

DE-Brands Gets A Filip With Increased Digital Requirements Of Denim Industry When the world is moving towards a digital arena, there is a need for paving the path in our day to day activities as well as our business.