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Wear With Your Jeans – Little Things Make a Big Difference!

Sometimes we feel like wearing our favorite jeans again... but wait, AGAIN?!? Like it might seem that I have nothing else to wear. Or that I totally lack "clothing imagination".

Denim Brands That Deliver More Than Just Jeans

Right now while most of us are working from home, it's the perfect time to focus - well - on the upper part of our body! What with all the zooming and face-time calls - yeah, we hear (and see) you.

Irina Shayk – A Cool Stay at Home Look in Denim

So what's happinging these days is that models don't go to a photographer's studio... the photographer comes to the model. And keeps his distance, of course.

Katie Holmes – How to Layer Denim Like a Pro

As always when it comes to the colder seasons, we start thinking of layering. Thick and heavy sweaters by themselves are just too boring. And not only that, there's also the problem of once you're out of the cold

Lisette Loves: BLANKNYC Daddy Soda Pant

There is nothing more exciting than falling totally in love when you least expect it! And this is what happened to me. When I thought I was done with all the holiday shopping, frantic sales...

Parker Smith – The Offbeat Flare in Black Current

One of my most favorite denim styles of the Parker Smith fall/winter 2018 collection are these cropped Offbeat Flares, featuring that long side slit and here is why: If you are a denimhead like me,...

Top Jean of the Week: Express Camo High Waisted Jeans

Let me point out that that when it comes to fashion fads, no way we should break the bank and shell out big bucks. By fashion fad I am referring to top trends that...

Top Jean of the Week: Grlfrnd Denim Straight Crop Overalls

If there is one thing I actually love about the colder seasons is that you can layer your clothes! And the denim overalls, which we've been wearing all summer long with a barely there...

Top Denim of The Week – Alexander Wang Denim LBD

Let's get straight to the point: Who does not need a LBD every once in a while? And who does not yet have a LBD in her closet, yet? Answer one: every woman, and answer...

Top Jean of the Week: Levi’s 501 Logo-Stripe Jeans

Levi's has included a pair of jeans in their current collection that combines the most hyper-trends RN: The 501 in Spectator Sport. Racer-stripe, high waisted, cropped straight leg, 100% cotton denim, and the mandatory clean...