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Pre-Spring Trends 2020 – Camo, Leopard, Super Distressed

We're like absolutely and definitely done with our winter shopping. And no way we're going to let that limbo vibe take us over, feeling like "lost in space"! We are already moving into

For the Lady Denimhead – Selvedge Jeans

It seems like whenever there is talk about selvedge, it always refers to men's denim. Do brands still think that women are more into fashion denim than guys,

Top Jeans of The Week: Current/Elliott Crop Jeans

As I have pointed out many times before, the "new" skinny jean is made of rigid non-stretch denim, and I am a super fan. Because you all know by now that I don't do skinny stretchy

No to Winter Blues: Pastel Colored Jeans

Life during the grey-est and coldest winter days does not necessarily have to be dab and, well, grey, and - dark - at all! There are many ways to brighten up your day. And for us, one of

Top Trend RN – And We’re on it! Ecru Jeans

For many years we have been banning the concept that you're not supposed to wear white jeans after Labor Day - whites are for always. And then reality sinks in.

Top Jean of The Week: Nili Lotan Shon Jeans

The purpose of my top jean post is mainly to talk about jeans that do have an extra detail, or a special fit, or an interesting wash. Because I work all the time with denim, I believe that calling

Love Logos? Alexander Wang Has You Covered!

One thing we are definitely carrying on from last year, actually, from the last decades, is the logo mania. Okay, so we agree that it's not everybody's idea of how to do denim.

Oversized, Nope, Uber-Oversized Denim: Eytys S/S ’20

Judging by the images of Swedish cult brand, Eyty's, spring 2020 collection, men's denim is literally going uber-sized. And it's not only Eytys who is totally incorporating this trend, but also

BLANKNYC: Coated Black Jeans – Yes, Please!

Can't say it often enough and here I am going again. You cannot be too rich, or too skinny, or have too many black jeans! All I need is a good reason for adding yet another black pair to my denim closet. And found it right here on the

Top Jeans of The Week: Frame Le Nouveau Straight Jean

Grey denim is and always has been my way out of one of my biggest denim dilemmas. Every once in a while, when looking at my denim closet, I get these really overwhelming blues (no pun!),