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Good American – Updates And Includes 90’s Loose Jeans!

Good American + Khloe Kardashian are finally on board with the 90's loose and slouchy fitting jeans and we're totally on board as well!

Todd Snyder x Eric Goldstein Collab: New Denim Spring ’21

American designer, Todd Snyder, and Eric Goldstein, a denim veteran who helped launch Ralph Lauren's RRL line and Gap's 1969 collection before co-founding the Jean Shop

Ripped Jeans in Winter? Definitely Yes! Find Out How:-)

How's that for a rad style inspiration? A couple of weeks ago, Gigi Hadid was seen out in cold weather New York City, wearing --- a pair of ripped jeans ---! And to avoid freezing legs, Gigi layered them over a pair of black opaque tights.

You Need Dis: New Jeans To Crush On RN

You know of course that your Denimology team is always striving to be on top of everything that's going on in the denim world. Be it an interesting celebrity style, or a new denim look

New And Trendy Denim @Shopbop Available Now!

Shopbop is one of our favorite destinations when it comes to checking out what's new and available in denim right now. Not only do they offer free shipping, but also hassle-free and no-questions-asked returns.

Something A Bit Different: Pleated Jeans

In the best borrowed-from-the-men style, the pleated jeans are coming up very strong again this season. Pleated jeans can be a looser fit as well as slouchier and on the baggy side, anything goes.

Top Trend For Spring 2021: Mom Jeans, Yes Please!

The cool thing about mom jeans is that you can choose a fit anywhere between slim and baggy. Depending on how you like

Denim Jackets – We Found Some Rad And Different Styles

Let us point out right away that for this feature our focus was not on the regular denim trucker jacket, but we wanted to find different and edgy takes.

Denim x Alexander Wang – New Cool Denims

Alexander Wang has become known for his rather outrageous and fun denims since he started his denim x Alexander Wang capsules. Actually, denims always are a rather big part in every collection.

Do you Have A Problem With Wide Leg Jeans?

And yes, this is actually an issue we have been hearing a lot about from our fans and readers. How to get the right fit when shopping for wide leg jeans. From our own experience with this style we can tell you two fundamental issues: