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Top Denim Trends RN – Boiler Suits And Overalls

We realize that boiler suits are not exactly the most comfortable item on our list right now. But, as we are always into the positive thinking thing, we know (and you know) one day

No. More. Sweatpants. Neither in my Inbox Nor On Me ;-)

Hello Bella Hadid and thank you for making me realize and help me (even if it's involuntary) to get back on my denim track! To tell you the truth, I can't even think about one more time looking at myself in the mirror and see (me in) sweats.

Baggy Jeans – Comeback? Yes, Definitely!

Remember our post about Bella Hadid in her baggy jeans during Paris Fashion week - we've refreshed your memory with the image below! It was a look we totally fell in love with.

Trendy, Fashionable, AND Cheap Jeans Anyone?

Not always are we in the mood or can afford to spend a lot of money on things we love. And this - of course - goes for denim as well. As you know, premium denim comes pretty expensive

Top Jean of The Week: rag & bone Engineer Jeans

The main purpose of my weekly best jean post is to talk about jeans that are somewhat different and outstanding form the denims you see all the time everywhere.

Staying at Home – We’re Shopping Online, Dudes!

#coronavirus and we are forced to stay at home and convert our bedroom, living room, kitchen table, or dad's office space, to a more or less useful working place for ourselves.

While You Are WFH – You Might as Well SFH ;-)

And before you ask - S(hop) F(rom) H(ome), right! And hope you're actually going to get what you're shopping for. Like we ordered some food and cleaning supply from Amazon this past weekend to be delivered Sunday.

Shopping for New Jeans: Let’s Talk About Hems

Even though you've heard and read (@Denimology!) that longer inseams are really a thing right now, it doesn't mean that you have to ditch your frayed and unfinished hem jeans.

Top Jean of The Week – Levi’s Loose Straight Jeans

We're always on the hunt for jeans that are a no frill, with no artificial rip and distressing details, but just "clean" - easy to wear. We don't always want exaggerated high waists, or exposed buttons. And these Levi's relaxed straight legs shown here are exactly "it".

Kendall Jenner: Neutral Look in Ecru Super Flares

If anybody still needs convincing about the ecru top trend right now... Here is Kendall Jenner looking super hot in her head to toe ecru outfit. Sporting two of the biggest right