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GQ x Bloomingdale’s – New Denim Trends for The Guys

Here's a partnership that we really think you guys will love. Fashion magazine GQ and fashion retailer, Bloomingdale's, teamed up once again (there have been prior collaborations since 2017)

Top Jean of The Week: Wrangler Flare Jeans With Insets

Because our latest top jean posts about the Good American as well as the Lee flares had a really huge and astonishing amount of positive feedback from our readers, I thought it would

Trending: Longer Inseam Bootcut and Flare Jeans

After a few seasons of straight leg jeans all over, anytime and everywhere, we are somewhat ready for some new denim styles. Not that we are ditching our straight leg jeans

Boyish, Jordan Nodarse, Talks About The New Collection

Yesterday we walked the Cabana/Capsule trade show in New York City, at the Pier 36. We had the chance to follow up with Jordan Nordase, founder and creator of sustainable denim brand Boyish.

Top Jean of The Week: Good American Flare Jeans

If there is one thing we really appreciate - besides offering great denim of course - it's when a brand includes an extended size range in their collections. And by that we mean

Three Essential Denim Styles According to BLUER Denim

When shopping for jeans, or for that matter - clothes in general - don't you get totally lost when looking at all the options out there? To tell you the truth, we do, and yes, when it comes to denim, as well.

Top Jean of The Week: Lee Distressed Flare Jeans

When we look back in time and think about denim, about jeans specifically, as being more than just something miners used to wear for work, there are three icon denim brands that come

Lower Rise Jeans – Making a Comeback? Yes, Please!

Before you start making mad faces at us, let me just be clear on one thing: We're NOT talking Britney Spears/ Lindsay Lohan low rise. Like the kind you need to have a bikini wax before

New and Trendy Skinny Jeans for Guys

Fair is fair! Yesterday we posted about the newest skinny jeans for the ladies and today it's your turn, guys! Skinny jeans have become one of the most popular men's denim styles since the "discovery" that stretch

Skinny Jeans are Dead. Long Live The Skinny Jeans!

In spite of having declared the skinny jean dead, so last decade, there are tons of ladies out there that will by no means give up on them.