Levi’s Goes Dark & Skinny

Levi's are a bit like The Rolling Stones, historically and culturally they are the greatest in their field, however they haven't really done anything new or interesting in quite a few years. So it...

The Denim Torturers

The New York Times has an interesting article on an Italian company that specializes in ageing and distressing jeans on behalf of brands such as Levi's, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Klein. The...

Levi’s To Launch Organic Jeans

One of the buzzwords that I keep seeing mentioned by jeans manufacturers is "organic denim". Now you can call me a cynic but I am not sure that this is because these companies actually...

Denim Forums Now Open

I have been getting quite a bit of mail recently from people with denim related questions. I do my best to help out, but there is still lots of stuff I don't know about...

McDonald’s & Red Monkey Company Jeans

The kind of uniforms worn by fast food employees could hardly be considered fashionable, until now that is. McDonald's in Hong Kong is having their uniforms redesigned by Red Monkey Company - producers of...

Top 10 Most Searched For Denim Brands

San Francisco-based Stylophane has produced a Search Popularity Index of the Top 10 most searched for denim brands online. The results are quite suprising with the No1 spot going to Guess Jeans rather than...

StyleHive – Fashion Community

StyleHive is a great new shopping/design/fashion community I came across last week. You can use it to bookmark, tag and share your favourite products, sites, store or designers. Of particular interest to me is...

New Diesel Marketing Campaign

Diesel have a new "camouflage" online marketing campaign directing users to their updated website. The multimedia site itself is a bit obscure and arty but when they eventually get round to showing you the...

iPod Jeans Anyone?

I don't know what is more lame about the announcement that Levi's is planning to launch a range of iPod jeans - the fact that it took them so long to come up with...

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