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Real Women Try Out the Craziest Denim of the Year

Because it's summer and because it's Saturday - let's have a good laugh with this funny "borrowed-from-Cosmopolitan" video! People all the time "borrow" my ideas, so I guess its fair enough for me to borrow...

What You Have Missed at ​the 2nd Edition of ​ Denimsandjeans Vietnam

See what you have missed at the second edition of Denimsandjeans.com Vietnam that took place June 7th and 8th, at Hồ Chí Minh, former Saigon featuring some of the most reputed local and international...

Amazon Launches the Amazon Wardrobe

This might just be the end of your dilemma of choosing the right size/style when buying your jeans, and don't we totally love it! As it has done before, Amazon has taken an emerging trend...

A Guy Dares To Wear Denim Shortalls in NYC

WHOA WHOA WHOA. This is real. And. This is the hottest new thing since skinny jeans ;-) Before you decide to rock the fashion stunt piece of the moment that is the male romper, check...

Miley Cyrus Performs Twice in White Denim

Above you can see the video of Miley Cyrus performing live at the NBC “Today” Show in New York. She wore a pair of mid-rise distressed and ripped white denim cut-offs, which she paired with...

Bea Miller Wearing the BLANKNYC Whisper White Shortalls

Musician Bea Miller was wearing the BLANKNYC Whisper White Shortalls during the first weekend of Coachella and posted it to her Instagram. Bea personally selected this shortall when she attended our Bollare x BeautyCoach...

Video: CORDURA Brand and “Monsieur-T.” On The Re/Mastered Collection

Check out above video for a more detailed insight to the newest CORDURA® Brand collaboration x RE/Mastered. The Re/Mastered Collection is the latest groundbreaking collaboration in denim from CORDURA® Brand fabrics. The brand teamed up...

CORDURA Brand and “Monsieur-T.” Debut The Re/Mastered Collection

CORDURA® Brand and “Monsieur-T.” Debut The Re/Mastered Collection: 20th Century Icons Reinvented With Today’s Performance Denims Arvind, Artistic Milliners, Cone Denim, and Kipas team up with CORDURA® brand to celebrate 50 Durable Years with Authentically...

Malia Obama Wearing a Denim Shirt and Sneakers – Only?

Malia Obama shows us that even being an ex-first daughter, you can dare to wear (or NOT to wear)! She was spotted out on a warm pre-summer day in New York City clad - in...

This Video is too Cute – Toddler Tries to put on Skinny Jeans

No better way to start a weekend than with a smile on your face! TGIF