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Continuing with our video fashion show from Modern American. Let's have a look at how Micky is wearing his Lexington slim fit jeans. The Lexington jeans are a slim straight


As stated in my previous video fashion feature - no live fashion shows - no problem. We're very happy with being able to see some of the Modern American life-style videos instead.

#IAMMODERNAMERICAN : Shop The Look – Corban

No live fashion shows happening these days... but that's not an issue for newly founded Los Angeel based denim brand, Modern American. Instead, let's have a look at

Modern American – Summer Ad Campaign Videos

We always love to watch videos of models in their jeans, especially these days when there is not a chance to walk into a store and check them out personally. A video gives you a much better idea of how the jeans look in "real" life.

Artistic Milliners: Resuming Business the Responsible Way

Not only is Artistic Milliners one of the pioneers in sustainable denim fabrication, recognized and renowned for of their efforts to keep our planet clean, but they are also taking their responsibilities one step further.

Topshop/Topman – Spring/Summer 2020 Ad Campaign

Topshop/Topman just launched their new season Denim Campaign, celebrating individuality and self-expression through the message “The Fabric of You”.

Boyish, Jordan Nodarse, Talks About The New Collection

Yesterday we walked the Cabana/Capsule trade show in New York City, at the Pier 36. We had the chance to follow up with Jordan Nordase, founder and creator of sustainable denim brand Boyish.

We’re Remembering Madonna in Jeans: “Papa Don’t Preach”

As mentioned in our previous post about BLUER Denim's Rogier Dulcoo we went all gaga remembering Madonna in her "Papa Don't Preach" video.

Denimsandjeans – The Evolution Of Japanese Denim

Japan is one of the most inspiring countries when it comes to denim design and innovation. Brands like Momotaro Jeans, Studio d’Artisan, Evisu, Sugarcane Jeans, FDMTL, have been setting and raising the bar with time.

Denimsandjeans – B2B Denim Sourcing APP

DE-BRANDS is the first Global Denim and Sportswear products sourcing B2B app which brings buyers and suppliers in the denim and sportswear supply chain together at one platform.