Amber Heard

Amber Heard Wearing Skinny Wrangler Jeans

We absolutely love to see celebrities looking just like you and me. Like Amber Heard here, without "artificially" perfectly smooth and each-hair-strand in place hair. Not to mention, a totally make-up free face.

Amber Heard Wearing Slim Hi-Rise Jeans

Amber Heard and girlfriend, Nianca Butti, were taking a break from isolation taking their dog out for a walk. Both ladies wore jeans for their outing. Amber wore a pair of medium blue slim high waisted jeans tucked into

Amber Heard in Grlfrnd Karolina High-Rise Jeans

Amber Heard, clad in an all black outfit, was photographed while she was out in Los Angeles. A pretty cool way to do an all black look in almost-summer.

Amber Heard in Wrangler Straight Leg Jeans

Amber Heard is bringing us back good memories! She was seen out in Los Angeles wearing a pair of the iconic Wrangler brand jeans. I am getting

Amber Heard in Rigid Denim Boyfriend Jeans

Hey Amber Heard - forgot something, left your house in a hurry? Well, besides that "forgotten item" which is called a "wardrobe malfunction", Amber's outfit is pretty cool. She paired her boyfriend jeans with a...

Amber Heard in Wrangler Heritage Jeans

Amber Heard was spotted as she was heading out to a meeting in Los Angeles. She kept it casual but very trendy and cool in a pair of the Wrangler Heritage jeans and a lemon...

Amber Heard’s Airport Style in Levi’s Jeans

Amber Heard's airport style is clean and simple: a pair of skinny hi-rise jeans and a black cropped short-sleeved top. And to finish off her ensemble, Amber added a pair of oversized sunglasses and...

Amber Heard in High Waisted Cropped Jeans

Amber Heard looked - as always - adorable in her straight leg jeans and a super sheer white shirt which revealed a black bra underneath. And she bundled up, tossing on a long herringbone...

Amber Heard in Hi-Rise Straight Leg Jeans

Amber Heard, wearing a really funky and eye-catching outfit, was spotted strolling in Beverly Hills. I need to say it: she looked quite the Beverly-Hillian in her flower-power kimono which she wore over her jeans...

Amber Heard Wearing Mother Ankle Fray Jeans

Amber Heard was spotted arriving in Sydney, Australia, looking kind of a bit cowboy-ish - guess a hat like the one she was sporting always transmits a certain cowboy vibe! She wore a pair of...