Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez – Super Cool in Quintuple Denim?

We all know that Jennifer Lopez is all about being hot and sexy, and now we also know that she's our denim queen of 2020! Quintuple denim - we haven't come across this for a long time

Guess x Jennifer Lopez Join Again for New Ad Campaign

Jennifer Lopez - Jenny from the Blog - is like popping up everywhere, movies, ad-campaigns... we barely finished reading about JLo's ad campaign with Versace the other day,

Jennifer Lopez in Distressed Skinny Jeans

Just so you can't say I am biased or somewhat "un-objective" when it comes to skinny spandex-like stretch jeans's Jennifer Lopez in a pair of those for you.

Jennifer Lopez: Airport Style in Ripped Jeans

Jennifer Lopez posted an Instagram image of herself as she was in her private airplane on her way back to New York to promote her movie, The Hustler Star.

Jennifer Lopez in Madewell Skinny Denim Overalls

Jennifer Lopez was out with boyfriend, A-Rod, attending her daughter’s school race in Miami. And this time we're actually not too crazy about her look in these Madewell overalls. Even though we love the 90's

Jennifer Lopez in Skinny Denim Overalls

"Jenny of the Block" was photographed as she was out in Miami, wearing a classic denim outfit: blue denim overalls, a white top, and white sneakers.

Jennifer Lopez in Versace Denim Boots Sans Pants

Right on, Jennifer Lopez proves that if you wear a pair of over-the-knee denim boots complete with pockets and a belt, you really don't need to bother wearing pants or shorts or anything. At least,...

Jennifer Lopez Again Wearing Wide-Leg Baggy Jeans

Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, were out in Los Angeles, both wearing jeans. Jennifer wore a pair of baggy wide-leg jeans in raw denim and with a pretty low rise. She seems to favor...

Jennifer Lopez Rocks in Wide Leg Jeans

Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, were photographed leaving the Dos Caminos restaurant in New York City. Jennifer was looking very elegant and edgy in a pair of trendy wide leg jeans which she...

Jennifer Lopez + Alex Rodriguez: Denim Date

Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, had dinner at celebrity favorite Craig’s in West Hollywood, They were both wearing his-and-hers denim, united in denim ;-) ! Jennifer wore skintight jeans with big rips at the...