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about my fave denim….

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    well, I have to say that I love simply ALL denim in my closet. The issue is: what mood am I in today, and depending on my mood, I will wear my absolute favorite pair of jeans according to my current mood: if I feel grungy – my baggiest ripped boyfriend jeans, if I feel sexy, my skinniest skinnies, and if I want to make a denim statement – my best double denim look (worn with a skimpy sequin top) will be my favorite denim of the day!
    I suggest changing this topic to FDOTD – Favorite Denim Of The Day!

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    OOoooh! tough question! I go through phases too…At the moment I’m still stuck on my Cult of Individuality black moto jeans! I want this pant made in every single wash known to man!!! UPSEST!!

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      Lisette~When aew you going to model all the looks from your closet that you described? Looking forward to seeing you do that soon!

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    I have 3 pair of raw Denim Jeans that i wear based on rotation, and they have different Characters, i basically just wear one until it fades (~1 year) and then change to another pair, and wait till the other fades. My most favourite jeans is my Hanzo IndigoxIndigo, which has indigo warp and weft, that create a darker and contrast value!

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      Love this – but being a female….- so hard to do LOL – temptations are popping up all the time everywhere!!
      Not that I haven’t tried many many times, but I am just soooo fickle….then I see a pair of new jeans and I just have to wear those and my raw denim stays in my closet…

      Do you know any woman who actually wears the same jeans for more than a week tops? 😉

      Hanzo IndigoxIndigo – where are they from? Japanese?

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        LOL, it happens to me too, trying hard to resist of buying new jeans!
        i have seen once in another denim forum, but i don’t remember her name!
        Hanzo is an Indonesian Brand denim which has Japanese spirit on their products

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      Dear BHTPC – to answer your question about when am I going to model my jeans….
      unless Elite or Ford or some other model agency comes up with an un-beat-able offer – never LOL
      I am a total “behind the scene” person, almost never do selfies, and almost never post about myself because:
      there are millions of bloggers out there doing just this, and the world does not need another one!! I consider myself a denim journalist. A serious person working for a serious online site that does not promote itself through its bloggers only, but through articles and insights about denim. I’d rather spend my time doing some serious denim researches instead of selfies…..
      Besides, I am not into promoting any denim that was gifted to me, but I promote what I believe is worth mentioning. Of course, I do get a lot of gifts from brands, but I only accept them, making clear to the brand, that I am under no obligation to them because of any gift.

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    definitely an exception – I wish SIGH

    I know tons of denim chicks, and not even 2% would even consider wearing raw selvedge jeans. And those 2% would do selvedge with stretch. I am the only one I know (ha!) that really loves pure selvedge and raw…..

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    When I wanna dress up more I like (b)air by 7 for all mankind.

    On my wilder days I like One Teaspoon jeans. Some of their styles are too revealing for me but a lot are super fun.

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    1. I owed naked&famous nudie brave star cooper norris lee101
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    • to be honest I have no fav jeans is just because when u put all your love in one pair it will soon wear out , I have the same respect for all jeans as long as they fit perfectly on me then am a ok. Thank you denimology and staff for giving us theses rooms of echoes to express our thoughts. Love Jeans.

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