Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ahem… Feathered Jeans

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    Shake ya’ tail feather lol

    Feathered Jeans

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    I had not discovered this post when I remarked that I think they look very grandma even on OP. Maybe they look fun in person but looks like to me something a wild and crazy grandma is gonna wear to go to bingo night and do some flirtin’!

    And I think there are some very stylish grandmothers and truly adore older ladies..but this is the other type of granny vibe..hello meemaw.

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    What are your thoughts on them Nathan?

    I think if is really shake ya leg feathers instead of ya tail feathers…maybe you do both at the same time. 😎

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    my nose was itching the whole time I wrote this post (kind of allergy to feathers I suppose?!?) – feel like sneezing even now ROFOL

    Grandma style – I just LOOOVE Iris Apfel

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    uhhh.don’t think so…although anything looks good on Olivia

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      I adore Iris Apfel too! Wish I could spend time with her. If Iris elected to wear those pants she would make them look good. Iris never had kids but if she were a grandmother she would always win best dressed. Actually she is a winner when compared to all ages.

      Maybe you will have some Iris posts on denimology. I find her soooo much more interesting than a lot of people seventy years younger than she is.

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    my nose was itching the whole time


    Personally, I think they’re str8 up weird but, to each their own. You have to stay in front of trends so kudos for that but these little gems look more like something you’d dust your kitchen floor with than something you should cover your arse with.

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    I am kinda diggin’ the shirt and sweater but the jeans do not sweep me off my feet.

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