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    Lana Ober
    Lana Ober

    I thought it might be awesome to start a thread about how sizing runs with different brands, as I relied heavily on forum topics like this before I became more “educated” on denim and started working at Denimology! Here’s what I’ve learned over the years:

    Hudson: Size down
    7FAM: Size down
    Level99: True to size
    Paige: Size Up
    BLANKNYC: True to Size (used to be size up)
    Current/Elliott: Size Down
    Siwy: Size down
    Levi’s: True to size
    3×1: True to size
    Mother: True to size
    Black Orchid: True to size
    Citizens of Humanity: Size down
    Earnest Sewn: Size down
    DL1961: True to size (but can size down)
    Diesel: True to size for skinnies, size down for boots, etc
    DSTLD: Size up
    Fidelity: True to size
    True Religion: True to size
    G-Star: True to size (but have sized down before)
    Genetic: True to size
    J Brand: True to size
    Lucky Brand: Size down
    MIA & MOSS: True to size
    One Teaspoon: True to size if fitted, size down in baggier fits
    Red Engine: True to size
    Rich & Skinny: True to size
    William Rast: Size down
    Rag & Bone: True to size, can size up in legging fits
    STROM: True to size
    SCHOEN by YU: True to size

    These are just my experiences, how do different brands fit you?

    Any more that anyone else would like to add?

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    Great idea Lana!!

    Don’t forget…..

    Parker Smith – True to size

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      In my experience no jeans run true to size. If you take your own measurements the way you would if you were sewing for yourself, with the tape a little loose and your body relaxed, you will discover that jeans are running sizes larger than the brand’s own size chart.

      You are saying that JBrand and Mother are true to size? (they run 1 1/2 sizes bigger than their size chart) In my experience the JBrand skinny skinny and Mother Looker run smaller than DL, Black Orchid and True Religion. Frame Le Skinny de Jeanne runs about the same as the JBrand skinny skinny or the Mother Looker.

      If JBrand and Mother are true to size, then size down 1 1/2 sizes in Buffalo David Bitton.

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      Can stretchy skinny jeans be taken in? I have a pair of brand new stretchy skinny jeans that are OK everywhere but saggy in the seat and back of the thigh. Horizontal folds wrap all the way to the side seam and stick out, visibly even from the front. This denim is stretchy in every direction except the only direction one really needs: up and down. So even in areas that don’t actually look loose, they tend to have some small horizontal folds. I need the lower seat and upper thigh area taken in a little more than one size. (The maker doesn’t make jeans in my size) Do you know a tailor in West Los Angeles that could do this?

      Or, what if I exchange them for 2 sizes bigger? Can super stretchy jeans be worn as boyfriend jeans, if sized up? Or would I just end up looking like a prune?

      You may be wondering why I would bother. They have gorgeous embroidery. I guess I could just take a pair of jeans that I love to be embroidered.

      What do you recommend?

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    7 For All Mankind – slim illusions size down

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      Huh Kitty – why did you ever buy these jeans if they fit so awkwardly????

      I absolutely do not advise to do anything else except hems in terms of alterations.  It always looks exactly like you had them altered and it never comes out the way you want to. Especially with stretch jeans. And there is the problem of the stitches in the back – the manufacturer -made double stitches can never be achieved by any tailor with a regular sewing machine.  A dead giveaway that you have had your jeans altered.

      As for up-sizing skinny jeans to achieve a boyfriend look – not always works, because you end up with the jeans too big on the waist and too narrow on the legs.

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        This is in response to your Why did you buy them comment. I don’t know if I’m typing in the right place. Thanks! I gave them away. I won them. I can rarely hold up a size 24. They were so cute that I wanted to keep them.

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    I am thinking about purchasing some PRPS male denim. I am a female. Do you recommend I get the same size I get in female jeans?

    I am considering some slim denim as well as some that is kinda baggy.

    In addition to buying some items that are sold by waist size, I was also thinking about getting some thinga that are sold small, medium, large, etc.

    Any feedback is appreciated.


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      As a PRPS men’s jeans addict here’s my 5 cents:
      I wear a women’s 28 with stretch, and 29 without stretch. PRPS do not have stretch. Their men’s 32 fits me perfectly.
      Generally, you should always up-size at least 3 sizes for men’s. This goes for my Levi’s men’s 501’s as well.

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    Yeah I am not sure if these days one should order the same size in male denim as they do in female denim.

    From my limited experience I have found some guy denim seems to run smaller.

    Hopefully someone will give insight regarding the sizing.

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    Would be great if we had size info on all the brands that are participating in the giveaways.


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    Hanzo – upsize 1

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    I would greatly appreciate any advice on 7fam ‘Rozie’ Slim illusion luxe jeans sizing.

    I am usually a size 30 in jeans, e.g. in Diesel (used to have a pair of 7fam flares back in the 2004 that were size 29 but they don’t fit me anymore, as I’m a mum of three now ;)). I am being told on the official 7fam site that I would best fit a size 29 of Rozie jeans but honestly, I would probably rather buy a size 30 – you know, better safe than sorry 😉 and I can have them altered anyway.

    Does anybody have experience with 7fam Rozie jeans sizing – is it TTS, runs larger or smaller than usual?

    Thank you so much for your help <3!

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    We have asked the 7fAM team to follow up with you about these 🙂 stay tuned!

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    Thank you Lisette, that would be fab!

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