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Celebs Aside, Do You Like Street Scenes Or Blogger Posts Better?

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    I am not an expert. but back in the day I looked at what bloggers were wearing more frequently than I do now.

    In the past it seemed some wore what they truly loved. Then when it became big biz to blog I think some became less authentic and the looks became more manufactured.

    Would most people put down what they received as a gift?

    I like seeing photographs of people that found a treasure at a thrift shop or ones that wanted a certain pair of jeans and ate dollar frozen pizza for a month to be able to afford them.

    On the other side of the coin, it is smart for brands to send their items to blogges and celebs for exposure. Consumers get to see how something looks on others not featured in ad campaigns or store websites.

    The brands that are participating in the Denimology giveaways are getting great exposure. People that really want to have a variety of denim are learning more about new brands and discovering what established brands have done to remain leaders, as well as how some develop new fabrics to add more to the denim landscape.

    Some of the photos I like most are ones where the person is not on Instagram but just someone that has an eye-catching sense of style and a photographer or bystander captured the look and shared it in a way I got to check it out.

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    I enjoy seeing those casual street scenes.

    I once had a list of bloggers that I looked at their posts on a daily basis. When it looked like they were wearing less of what they had found on their own and more of what was adding to their bank account I became less interested.

    One can still enjoy seeing how a sponsored or gifted item is styled by someone who is a fan of fashion.However, looks that come from the heart remain supreme.

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    I like the comments posted here.

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