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Citizens of Humanity – Liya versus Rocket jean – compare

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    We’ve had a few inquiries about the difference of these two styles.

    You can compare them if you click on both styles on the CoH website and add compare. Move your cursor over each image and the compare option will appear.

    But to make it short and clear:

    The Rocket is a high waisted skinny and has more stretch. A tight stretch that holds but not a 4-way stretch. You might want to try their Sculpt jean for more stretch.

    The Liya is a straight leg, slouchier and has less stretch, and also comes in selvedge with very little stretch.

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    Click on your here shown above please. Is that suppose to happen?

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    Quite sure I know which one you prefer.

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      fixed!!! Thanks for the “nudge” lol

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        please tell, MJ!!

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          Lisette likes Liya.

          Am I correct?

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            MJ, actually – you got my number LOL
            but, to tell you the truth – I have been wearing the Rocket in a black vintage wash to death a couple of years ago. Not the SCULPT, they are too stretchy for my taste, but the cotton mix with stretch which is the best kind of stretch for me. Check out almost identical ones here.

            Not saying that the SCLUPT are not cool – very much on the contrary, I have heard a lot of positive feedback regarding those, it’s just, well, you can’t love them all!!

            Have you ever tried them? And what about the Liya – aren’t they “growing” on you xxxxxx
            If you are not particularly into high waisted, then you MUST try the Emerson or the Corey. Both styles are my absolute go-for jeans. They come right after my Levi’s collection in terms of how often I wear them.

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