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Denim Trench Coats – would you wear?

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    This month’s feature in Glamour mag – the Siwy trenchcoat:
    Sandra Let’s Dance from the Fall 16 Collection (cute name isn’t it!!)

    Check it out in the image below

    I’ll get back here when it’s available with the link!

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    I would wear a denim trench but I think I would look for one that is more my style than those shown.

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    like what style? pictures?

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    I prefer more “plain”, or simple:-), this goes especially for a denim trench coat, which, per se, is already eye-catching enough!

    As for your question about the sleeve length (Kendall Jenner) – I do prefer oversized, the sleeves of the Led Zeppelin tee are perfect. I sometimes roll them up to the shoulders….

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      Hmmm. Maybe I can learn to like my oversized sleeves better. I have tried rolling mine up but they never looked that good to me. Perhaps you wanna do a video on the perfect way to do it.

      Of course a lot of people are also still doing the half~tuck hem look (which it looked like she was also doing with the LZ tee) and on some people I think it looks really cute but when I do it the look does not look very favorable on me.

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