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    Lana Ober
    Lana Ober

    Hey everyone! How many of you like DIY projects with your denim? I don’t really do much beyond basic hemming, but this time I tried undoing a hem rather than creating one lol.

    I had a pair of 7FAM skinnies that were way too tight at the ankle, so I took a seam ripper to release them and split them a little on the side. I then ran them through my sewing machine to reinforce the split so it wouldn’t go any further, and then sewed a scrap piece of denim from an old hemming job to the back of a distressing that was on the original hem so it wouldn’t split open.

    What do you think? I’m a huge fan of raw hems and it was so fun undoing these to see how it’s done!

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    yeah, but what about us shorties – it does not work for us….I wish denim brands would really offer different lengths in jeans that have unfinished hems. Some do, but usually the petite options are available for more classic styles like skinnies and bootcut jeans. This is what I used to love with Diesel – they offered almost every single style in at least 2 inseams!

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    I think it’s hot (and well done). What about the shorties??? Grow

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    hahahaahahha so tell me, how can I make me grow lol

    like, I am 5’4 like most average women in the world, so I figure that we, most women in the world, deserve to have perfect ankle inseams from all denim brands!!!!

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    I agree! I am 5’1 and it is VERY difficult to find jeans that are a perfect length on me (and I’m told I have long legs for my size)! The last thing I want to have to do is make another trip and spend more money to have them hemmed! I am not a DIY kinda girl!

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    Lana, I like what you did here!

    Maybe I am not a shortie but I totally understand what you are girls saying. Still can’t gather why some brands consistently offer majority of their jeans in 32-33″ inseam. Especially bootcut and flare styles. It’s impossible to wear those without some massive heels. And tailoring is just a pain in the butt.

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    Here’s a rad one from Level99

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      I think Level 99 has some good offerings.

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    How about these graffiti boyfriend jeans? Easy to DIY and fun! This pair was recently spotted on Rita Ora

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    A “speed-lesson” on how to paint your own jeans!

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    I was just thinking that I am kind of over cropped jeans, especially now for winter – And I found this quite interesting article….

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    The first video shows something that is quite easy to accomplish. The second and third videos makes me wish I was a wiz at sewing.

    I made good grades in home economics but it appears sewing does not come natural to me. Some of my family seemed to design and construct clothing effortlessly. I think I did well on picking out fantastic fabric.

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    It would be great to have the skills exhibited in the last video.

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