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Elephant Legs ?

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    I do not recall hearing the term elephant legs to describe a style of denim or other pants much lately. In fact, I do not know if there ever was a time when it was widely mentioned.

    I think I was a preteen when I proudly wore a pair of elephant leg pants. It was a look that not many wore where I lived and that was another reason I was fond of them.

    This is somewhat of a different spin of elephant leg jeans and they are for kids but I think they would still be mod for this bod~


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    These are more traditional elephant leg jeans~


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    my second pair of Current/Elliott jeans were Elephant legs – loved them
    (my first C/E were their famous boyfriend jeans, of course!)

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    Dy~no~mite about your ??! I have a number of Current/Elliott jeans. I will have to see if they still do a version of the elephant legs.

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