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Extra uber-long belts – think Vetements, but for "uber" le$$$$$

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    Guys when I saw all those extra uber longest belt in the cult brand Vetements’ runway shows, I needed to get one of these like right now. But of course, not for the Vetements price LOL
    I found this great seller on the Etsy website, ordered the black belt, and it is fan-tas-tic.

    Check them out here.

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    Wow. Those are fantastic. I see they come in different lengths. What length did you get? What color of hardware did you select for your black belt?

    You are a black belt in denim and fashion!

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      LOL thanks
      72 inches with the antique brass hardware. It goes about to mid-calf of my legs – dragging on the floor won’t do it for me!

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        Have you been wearing your belt a lot?

        I bet people like it.

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      The model’s captured expression in the photo reminds me of this~

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        I have worn it a few times, but not as much as I expected. It kind of feels weird, like a cat tail. I double up the belt now and wear it almost twice around, tying a knot halfway on the other side of my hips. This works better for me!

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    Thanks for the info. Appreciate your prompt answer. ?

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      I really wish more designers would ask the models to walk down the runways smiling and looking happy. The doom and gloom looks do not enhance the clothes in my opinion.

      A happy fellow would make me think this looks like a fun outfit to wear. I know most, if not all the time, the models are exhibiting expressions the designers requested.

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    With this belt you can “Whip it, whip it real good.”

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    These belts rock!

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    Thanks for the update Lisette.

    I had antcipated you would wear it a lot.

    Some years I have bought belts consistently but now I do not buy them as often.

    I really like this look but can understand why it may look better than it feels on…maybe it could be future Halloween look…a S&M cat.

    Or a good belt to have on if a political candidate is around saying he is going to grab something. Whip him and say “No you are not!”

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