Monday, August 21, 2017

Fugget your skinnies – do these instead!

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    So over skinnies, the oversized borrowed from the boys jeans are so much cooler, edgier and less booohhhhring!!!

    Check it our here and what do you think?

    Advice: if you don’t want to invest big bucks in a pair of new jeans, just go for an oversized pair of men’s Levi’s 501

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    I think it is rather cool look on a fashion forward person. It is a look that I am thinking not everyone can pull off and I think on the wrong person it could look like crap.

    What would be great is if a person sheds some weight that their denim still looks good on them even when it is baggy…regardless of the style.

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    Or fashion backwards lol. Would totally fit into 1992 w/ a Nirvana tee.

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