Thursday, August 17, 2017

How to Earn Points

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    Below are the point values you’ll earn for various actions. They are set up to reward normal site usage and, by being an active member in the community, you should stack up some decent points. Remember, EVERY POINT EQUALS 1 ENTRY IN THE ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY!


    Below are the Rankings and associated badges achievable via the point system above:
    DenimNoob: 0-49 Points DenimNoob
    Denimthusiast: 50-249 Points Denimthusiast
    DenimHead: 250-749 Points DenimHead
    Denimologist: 750+ Points Denimologist
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    Hey i’m just wondering, how does the referral works? Is t by sharing? Thanks!

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      Somehow I totally missed this… sorry about that. If you look at your account box in the sidebar, there’s a referral link at the bottom. Anybody that signs up via that link will count as a referral for you.

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