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Kim Kardashian – Why do they need to flash?

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    Can anybody please explain to me the need of celebrities flashing their assets all the time? Walking around and posing semi-naked? Or even totally naked? Or am I missing something?

    Be it butt or tits, I am getting so totally turned off…..

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    Regarding the one in he photo you posted I think they continue to do it because it is one of the ways that has padded their bank accounts. I have seen their shows before and when their own mom went to a playboy photography session with Kim that spoke volumes.

    I think kids often times look to their parents as a moral compass and their mom has pimped them out in many ways.

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    What I find interesting is how society often seems to view lack of clothing and those that get naked.

    Those that pose for girlie magazines and/or those that are strippers are usually not applauded for earning money in that manner.

    Yet actresses that are often held in high regard are sometimes seen showing a lot of skin in movies, etc. and some go on and win Oscars and other awards for those performances. I do not recall anyone saying to an actress “You were more naked than a stripper in that movie.”

    I also think people see a “celeb” in certain clothing and they think it is OK (think of all the skin that is shown on the red carpet) yet if someone were to see some average Jane shopping in a walmart and showing that much skin the person would probably be considered trashy and perhaps some would be arrested for indecent exposure.

    Just pointing out things I have thought about over the years.

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    I don’t buy that – … because of her mom/dad/family … that said, how come that kids coming from really miserable families achieve many times high goals and succeed in the world, and in a clean and straightforward way? By their own efforts. At a certain age a kid has to be able to think for him/herself and then decide about life.
    That’s how I see it.

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    I am not saying parents are to blame per se but the mom seems to give thumbs up to at least some of the skin baring.

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    You are right some people achieve great things and they had a tough life growing up. And you also see wealthy people get messed up with drugs, etc.

    Understanding humans and their behaviors is not always easy. Some people are fearless while others are fearful. Some are able to handle rejection better than others. Some people will work hard to be succcessful while others never seem to make it.Some that do not make it tried and things just did not work out.

    But hopefully all enjoy some good denim.

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    I pretty much ignore celebs flashing … the only bad publicity is no publicity at all! It gets attention and people talking about them (like we are) 🙂

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    Now if we are raising an argument for moral relativism … THAT is a topic for discussion!!!

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      is not about morals. Is about having to put up with those women’s boobs in our faces whenever we open Instagram or Facebook or absolute anything that features celebs. So tiring. Boooooring… turn-off

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    Well…speaking of turn~offs… I find people that constantly post selfies of themselves on fb rather annoying.They are not showing off denim or other fashions…they are basically just saying look at me…look at me…I think I look soooooo good in this photo. If they are so in love with posting photos of themselves…then why not post worthwhile pictures showing themselves helping the elderly..helping rescue animals….mentoring youths… or doing something nice for someone else?! I can understand vacation snapshots and a few selfies but some go overboard.

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    They will continue to do that, no matter people like it or not. But at least, they could do it with more fun and class, showing a nice fabric or dress to make it more interesting or desirable! It´s definitely pretty boring to just look at butts and boobs all the time!

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