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    I LOVE these J Brand Moto leather jeans! I couldn’t wait for the weather to cool off to wear them…
    I can’t wear heels and flats look…well..flat! Any suggestions on shoes/boots? How would you style these for work/office? Casual?

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    I can see why you fell in love with those Moto jeans.

    I think a number of styles of shoes would look great and you will just have to see what looks best and suits your mood.

    If you want ro have a real casual look I might pair them with some Chucks or checkerboard Vans.

    For a dressier look something along the lines of the Gucci horsebit loafer might work or even the popular Gucci mules.

    I like lace up oxfords and I like them in horsehair or metallic.

    I am thinking some red suede flats would be fun. Perhaps even a red d’orsay.

    Some animal print shoes like cheetah might work.

    Depending on the length of the pants some ankle boots may be fitting.

    Going with the moto theme, I like footwear with some chain action. There are a lot of boots with chains. There are also some loafers with some cool chains.

    Maybe you can post some pictures of your leather pants and the footwear you select.

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    I like the other suggestions and a penny loafer might be a fun option.

    I had thought about suggesting some variation of a tassled loafer after seeing Reese wear these but the tassels might not look that great with the moto stitching.

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    What kind of shirts/sweaters/jackets do you have in mind to wear with the moto jeans?

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    I realize this type of buckle ankle shoe is not at the height of its popularity now but I have some similar footwear that I still enjoy wearing.

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    What do you this about this option?

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    Thanks SO much for the great suggestions! I already have an ankle boot in mind which is probably the best way to go. I love the red flats suggestion, too!

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