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LEVI'S jeans are for everybody and for EVERY BODY! How do you wear yours?

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    I am a total addicted Levi’s fan, have been since forever and will remain forever. I have quite a big vintage 501″s, and also a few 505’s, collection in my closet, and no matter what other brand I am crushing on, I always go back to my Levi’s.

    How do you feel about the original Levi’s 501’s? How do you wear them? Let us know…:-)

    To answer your question, gaia, check out some vintage Levi’s jeans at Urban Outfitters, and at ASOS. The Levi’s vintage jeans usually come in that light blue wash. You can also find light blue Levi’s jeans at Macy’s.

    NOTE: I always buy the men’s 501, or the women’s 505. Never the 501C or the 505CT. I like the originals too much to change even the smallest thingie!!!

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    I love the red tags and I often prep em out with penny loafers.

    I also have worn em a lot with cute guys.??

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    With attitude!

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    Hello gaia – you asked about a pair of light blue non-mom’s boyfriend jeans…

    here is the link – I have these from UO and got them one size larger than my usual size, and they fit your description perfectly. As you can never predict what they will be sending you if you shop online, I suggest buying several pairs and then choose;-)

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    I can relate to how my dad still love to wear his levi’s hahaha (y) they got many fits and styles! gonna tryout their jackets too

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    and also, their identity as the “founding father” inspires other brands too

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    Loving the commuter jeans! Such innovative way for denimhead who loves riding

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