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Looking for Denim high Top Chuck Taylors

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    Hey Guys!

    So ever since I saw the post last year here on Denimology about Converse launching the denim sneakers I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them! I figured when I read the post that I’d be able to get them in store when they came out…but such is my luck that I haven’t been able to find them since! Most sites I’ve gone on are overseas…but I am looking to see if I can find these “distressed” light washed ones here in the states! Anyone have any good sites or recommendations on where to find these or if they still make them?? Im still running searches on them, but figured I might be able to get a good lead here 😉

    Thank you guys!!!

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    I couldn’t even find any overseas that were in-stock. Tons of images (most from rpk and titolo) but nothing in stock… sorry 🙁 Saw these from 2011, pretty sweet too..
    denim chuck taylors

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    Hope you finally foound them.

    Did you?

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    i have seen the washed once, but haven’t seen the raw one yet

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    Not Chucks but some of these are pretty killer

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      Oh man Nathan! These are pretty awesome! You Guys always get the best shoes!! I did see however that there are small sizes so  I might consider these!  Thanks for sharing!!

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    contact the Converse PR people – I’m e-mailing you the details 🙂

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      Perhaps that can be a Denimology campaign to bring them back or help Converse create/select some new denim washes and/or details.

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    I like the idea of those who design denim items collaborating with Denimology!

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