Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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    I like the bottom of the denim shown in the attachment.

    Not only did I note the uneven hem but also the pearl accents.

    Is that a piece of jewelry that has been added to the jeans?

    Or do you think rhe accents came with the jeans?

    The photo is from an article about trends in various cities.

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    Those jeans are interesting.

    I also like those fishnet socks.

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    I was taking another look at that article. Do you see what I see in the attachment below?

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    If you are referring to the hole in the heel of one of the fishnet socks I did notice that when I was checking out the article.

    That is a big downfall with wearing fishnets and one reason I do not embrace them more. It is sad when they rip.

    Still like them just do not invest that much in them.

    Read that fishnets made for dancers hold up quite a bit better.

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