Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mom's jeans are now "officially" recognized!

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    They have actually added this term to the dictionary LOL!

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    When I hear that term I actually think of my mom rocking out some Gloria Vanderbilt’s when I was a kid. That woman looked good in anything 🙂

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    OMG riiiight, Gloria V, think these are still around?? Would be so fun to wear them now, 70’s vibe!! And I remember my mom in Jordache jeans LOL!!!! I thought they were just soooooo high waisted , coming up almost to her chin!

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      Love to hear compliments from guys about their Mothers. Kudos to you Nathan. Did your Mom have the Gloria Vanderbilt perfume/cologne as well?!

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    Overalls w/o the straps lol

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    you getting a good denim “education” 😛
    who’s your teacher? 😈

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    wow, is that a spin on “who’s your daddy?” LOL

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    like – you wanna know about dad’s jeans? They are not “official” and not in any dictionary YET LOL

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    I remember my mom wearing Gloria Vanderbilt jeans — high waist with a belt!

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      I bet your Mom felt like a beautiful swan wearing the jeans, Scampers!

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        Speaking of Gloria and her swan logo, here are some great photos of GV.

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    I had a Gloria Vanderbilt skirt.

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    all of the family member should get their jeans stereotypes lol

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