Saturday, August 19, 2017

ONE TEASPOON leopard print jeans – JASSS PLEASE

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    Obsessed right now!

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    Wild! One Teaspoon knows how to stand out in the denim world.

    I wish they would participate in the giveaways and I would be the lucky winner.

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      I know their owner and designer, JAMIE BLAKEY, personally, and have invited them in-numerous times….. the thing is that in general, it is quite difficult to work with Australian brands. I have not yet discovered why. AKA Sass & Bide, Rolla, Res Denim etc. Must be their hemisphere….

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    I bet you will be scooping those up soon if you have not already.

    How exciting that you know Jamie.

    You know lots of interesting people and that shows interesting people know other interesting people.

    One thing a college friend remarked years after we were out of school is that one reason he enjoyed hanging out with me is because I always introduced him to interesting people.

    So now I like to think interesting people do not do boring!

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