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Ripped jeans in movies

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    Hi everybody,

    I would like to open a topic about scenes of jeans worn in movies or clips, in particular ripped or shredded.

    Below some movies with amazing pairs in jeans.

    1) Think Big, year 1989 with Ary Meyers
    2 Mirage,  year 1993 or 1996 with Jennifer Mcalister
    3) Flicka
    4) Mad dog and glory, with Uma Thurman
    5) Mcleods Daughters
    6) Poison ivy, with Jaime Pressley
    7) Buffalo Soldiers, with Anna Pacquin

    8) I split on your grave 2, almost at the end of the movie the actress wear an old pair of jeans.


    Do you know other movies?

    Bye Bye…

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