Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Siwy Made It Rain!

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    You know the expression “Make It Rain” will Siwy went further than that and gave me a Thunderstorm!

    The Thunderstorm is a resounding shade of grey. It is appropriate for any season.

    The style I graciously received is Felicity. As Denimology Denim fans may know, Felicity is part of Siwy’s seamless collection and the denim provides a streamline look for showing off your legs in a fashionabke way.

    The amount of stretch is just right. There is freedom of movement and you still look like you are wearing jeans not stretch pants.

    Thank you Denimology for keeping us informed on denim and for having thr anniversary giveaways.

    So happy Siwy participated and that I am fortunate to have been chosen as thr recipient of a stunning pair of jeans.

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    Another Denimology fan reviewed the Siwy Felicity in Thunderstorm earlier.

    I did not reread her review today because I wanted to share my own thoughts.

    You can read what she wrote here.

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      I remember Ashley’s review. She liked Felicity by Siwy too.

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    Sounds like you are dancing in the rain over the denim!

    Your review makes me want to have a Felicity Thunderstorm too.

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