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Smiling Faces Or Not

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    This is an interesting article giving some of the history of models’ facial expressions on the runway:,737808.html#.V_fsz59OnqA

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    Crazy! Let’s forget the runway for a minute and look at people we see on the street. If you see a person with a sour look does that make what he/she is wearing more appealing? If you notice someone that is smiling and the person has on a nice outfit or are wearing a statement piece are you not drawn to that? And maybe at least a tiny part of your brain is thinking, “I bet if I had that I would be happier too.”

    It seems the fashion industry practices one thing on the runway but they playba totally different game off the runway.

    They gift and loan their products to the “it” people of the moment not some old groucy looking person…ok Kayne may be gifted sometimes but he does smile from time to time.

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    Good points. I wanna buy what hapoy people wear too.

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    “Groucy” nobody likes groucy people lol. happy people make everything look better; from what they wear, to where they’re going and what they’re doing… we all love a smile 🙂

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    Cheers to being jolly in jeans!

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