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So over skinnies, done with boyfriends, and flares – fugget it!

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    I am more than ready for a denim “refresh” – found these drop crotch on the One Teaspoon site. Think that drop crotch is making a come-back?

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    The ONLY denim style I CANNOT wear is drop crotch…I love my skinnies (even low rise), boyfriends and super flare (bell bottom). That’s what I love about denim: depending on how you wear it, it’s so versatile and individualistic, you are never out of style. I totally avoid the “trend” denim …button back pocket or acid wash.

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    But if the drop-crotch are made of a soft, stretch denim, then they can look super cool, depending on how you pair them. Like with a cropped jacket and a tank top an stilettos – I love juxtapositions!

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    I adore drop crotch pants! I think one of the reasons I am a fan is not that many people seem to be into it. Not sure it is the most flattering look but for the most care I don’t care. Seems as if those that like the style are kinda making the statement that whether or not others like the vibe is not of great concern to us and our baggy bottoms.

    One celeb who I think really rocks the look well is Gwen Stefani. I love seeing photos of her showcasing that droopy denim.

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    So agree with BHTPC, Gwen looks fab in drop-crotch!

    I kind of like them too but maybe less extreme styles. Let’s call them not-too-dropped-crotch πŸ˜‰ They seem to be more wearable for reg peeps.

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    Agreeing with all of you! Gwen should be the drop crotch ambassador πŸ˜‰ She wears them so well! I want a new pair every time she steps out in those Dsquared2 jeans! Aside from them being so effortlessly cool, they are super comfy, “food baby” friendly and great for those days you just want that extra room ! I love the whole “i don’t give a *bleep*” vibe they give off. They are definitely a unique pair of jeans to own! I get some confused looking stares every time I wear mine to family gatherings…but my “fashiony” friends get it, does anyone else get a weird stare down when out in these? I guess they aren’t for everyone but I’m sure they are appreciated.

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    I absolutely ADORE getting weird looks when I wear my droppies LOL
    Mission complied. I do not aim to be one more in a crowd of skinnies, but want to make my very own statement!!!!

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    Sounds like we are an elite group that likes to drop it like it’s hot. We drop it and we are hot! πŸ˜›

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    Anyone else a fan of drop crotch sweats? I like those too.

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    no way – very uncool
    black twill dropcrotch maybe, but denim dropcrotch, definitely!

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    Not a fan of the drop crotch look. Still like my skinnies.

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      you can still love your skinnies AND expand to different other styles LOL


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    Comfort is a key word nowadays, and drop crotch pants are part of it (no only in jeans – IΒ΄d bet on black velvet options too!). Although not everybody looks good in them, and sometimes they can even turn out to be a man repeller if not worn properly, itΒ΄s good to have this option to choose from the style range.
    However, I think skinnies will continue to dominate the market – this style is reinventing itself with new lengths and waists, and also are very comfortable and versatile.

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    I like drop crotch pants covered in sequins.

    Regarding denim crotch pants, I have not seen that many brands offer options in this style. One Teaspoon is “one” label that offers a number of variations of this look.

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