Monday, August 21, 2017

Track Jeans

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    I am looking back at some of the earlier posts at denimology. I think it may have been in October 2014 when you last had a post about someone wearing what was referred to as “track jeans.”

    Megan Fox Spotted in Track Jeans

    What are your thoughts on them now?

    I do not see that many in the marketplace but Lisette posted an image of a style from One Teaspoon that they call “trackies” a month or so ago.

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    Part of me thinks they’re sort of cool, another part thinks they’re only appropriate for a late night trip to Wal-Mart lol. Of course, Megan Fox can make a dirty blanket look stylish.

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    Thanks for your response Mr. Jones.

    I can see why guys like MF. She is a Fox.

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    Part of me wishes they were more popular but I think I am more pleased that they are a rather small niche in the marketplace. It is a cool option for those who want to dress differently.

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