Sunday, August 20, 2017

UGHHHH – Jared Leto is actually wearing THIS!

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    An embroidered Gucci denim coat from the SS ’17 collection.
    No matter, Gucci, Schmuschi, Target, or whatever – it’s ri-di-culous lol

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    uhhhoaaaahhhhhhh and he’s actually wearing above mentioned Gucci coat paired with – whaaat – Gucci loafers

    He’s Le Gucci Man ? ? ?

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    Like the coat better than the beard. Not really into the white socks but he appears to like to do his own thing. So I will give him some props for that.

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      Wonder the cost of the white socks.

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    Congratulations – you did win a pair of the coolest STROM jeans! Can’t wait your “verdict” about them, please let us know. Fair is fair, after all you get to see all OUR verdicts!
    What style are you going for???

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      I am thrilled to be a winner of the STROM jeans. They did not ask me what style I wanted. They just wanted to know my size and mailing address~~it will be a surprise.

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    um, no comment – but I have to say, Jared Leto does have a way with his color choices LOL

    Now, imagine sitting a the bar of a club and in comes some guy dressed like this……

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      Thinking a young Lily Pulitzer might have ? this look.

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    Jared takes those somewhat traditional preppy colors to a new level. Wonder if he picks out what he is going to wear on his own or if he has a stylist? It appears he may have fun a fun time, especially if he makes his own selections. It is somewhat refreshing to see a guy doing his own “thang”.

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    At least his looks are not boring. I like that.

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    Do you think Prince would have liked this look?

    Would Michal Jackson think it was bad in a good way?

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