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What Color Tags Did You Love The Most? Did You Check Out Everyone's Size?

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    Levi’s were really popular with girls and guys when I was in college. If a guy was wearing red tag Levi’s that got bonus points from me versus orange tags. Which were your favorites? I liked the red tag ones for myself as well, although I think I did own one pair with orange tags.

    And I also looked at the size of the jean the person was wearing. I wanted the waist measurement to be smaller than the length measurement.

    If a guy had on like a 34 waist and a 30 length, I did not like that at all. This was not the time where wearing pants big and baggy and showing off underwear was the rage with some guys.

    I am now hesitant to wear some of those old Levi’s because my own size label now is not as favorable as it once was.

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    any color Levi’s tag works fine for me LOL

    and don’t be shy about your size, pluuuuhhheaase, you have to love yourself.

    Here’s my “logo” – you’re looking at me, don’t like what you see, so don’t look at me …


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    For sure! After all “to like or not to like” question shouldn’t be answered according to somebody waist measurements 😛

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    I totally understand the point you are making BHTPC!

    I prefered red tags too and the color of the tag was often a clue to a person’s style.

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