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What else can I do with my back pockets?

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    Scot Feathers
    Scot Feathers

    So, other than a place to put my phone or wallet, what can I do with my back pockets?

    Who has some ideas of a way to attract more attention to my jeans in the rear? I’ve thought about sewing or ripping them, but I don’t want to destroy my beautiful blues!

    Help me!!!

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    You can show em’ off like me 🙂

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    It be cool to tuck a bandanna into your back pockets! Gives it some edge with a ton of attitude! It might be a bit out-dated to some…but it never gets old for me! I still think its an attractive detail! Anyone else agree?

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    …or….iron on some unique vintage patches!!!! If you dont want something this “permanent” you can try adding unique pins on your back pocket…not sure how that would work though in case you sit down and one of them opens…our poor booty would literally become a “pin cushion” lol 😛

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    rip them with a sharp knife just a tiny little bit and wear the jeans. the rip will get bigger and become your very own individual rip 😉

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    Tear your pocket which will give style to others

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    for raw denim. try to put something unique inside, might be a circle objects? or even some strange objects, such as brass knuckles lol!

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    Have some visible Benjamins in your back pocket with a note saying “Feel free to take one!”

    You will be the talk of the town.

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    How about adding some feathers?

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    i’m putting a Water Gallon cap in my back pocket, the result is unique tho!

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    put some stuffs on a pair of jeans that doesn’t have arcuate to decorate, but if they have it, just embrace that arcuate bro..

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