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What Is The Relationship Between Jeans And Khakis?

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    This Vogue article said this:

    Khakis are the new jeans.

    The designer denim resurgence of the 2010s might have met its match in the workwear-inspired khakis that were all over the Spring 2017 runways. Alexander Wang gave the pants a slouchy feel worthy of his surfer babes, the Kenzo duo looked to high-waisted and structured ’00s styles, and Rag & Bone’s Marcus Wainwright made his preppy and slightly sheer. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a pair of classic workwear Dickies or Carhartts. However you take your trousers, the moral is: The more beige the better.

    Do you view jeans and khakis to be part of the same family?

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    Yeah, are jeans and the chinos that most people I know, myself included, call “khakis” related? Kissing cousins perhaps? Frenemies?
    Here is how some online discussed the topic.

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    Even though khaki is a color when people speak of colored denim I do not usually see khaki denim shown as one of the options like one may see black,grey,red,etc.

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