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Will You Buy Them?

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    You see a pair of jeans online that you love the way they look and then you discover they are by a brand that normally you dislike, do you still buy them? (It does not have to make sense why you are not fond of the brand…you just don’t like that brand.)

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    honestly – if I totally love the jeans I couldn’t care less about liking or not liking the brand LOL! It’s all about the jeans and not about the brand for me 🙂
    I believe strongly that this kind of attitude makes me be the best denim blogger around!! I can be un-biased and totally objective about ALL brands, knowing that I may not like today, but could love tomorrow……

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    Thanks for answering my question. There are some brands though that I just don’t really get into based on my own personal thoughts or associations with the brand. I will not list names of brands here to avoid any brands being trashed.

    I also do not stick with just one brand of jeans either. I like to spread the love to the denim I adore.

    Will you buy one expensive pair that you love, love, love or buy three pairs of ones that you love but you just don’t love em as much (if the other three come in quite a bit less than the expensive pair)?

    Example: Expensive pair $404 versus three less expensive ones you like that are on sale for a total of $298.

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    would you prefer to have three okaaaaaayyyyy boyfriends that you go out with occasionally, or one hot, awesome, outstanding, hunky, boyfriend that you can’t live without…

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    Good reply!

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