Saturday, August 19, 2017

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Dear BHTPC – to answer your question about when am I going to model my jeans….
unless Elite or Ford or some other model agency comes up with an un-beat-able offer – never LOL
I am a total “behind the scene” person, almost never do selfies, and almost never post about myself because:
there are millions of bloggers out there doing just this, and the world does not need another one!! I consider myself a denim journalist. A serious person working for a serious online site that does not promote itself through its bloggers only, but through articles and insights about denim. I’d rather spend my time doing some serious denim researches instead of selfies…..
Besides, I am not into promoting any denim that was gifted to me, but I promote what I believe is worth mentioning. Of course, I do get a lot of gifts from brands, but I only accept them, making clear to the brand, that I am under no obligation to them because of any gift.