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The Sliding Down Jeans Syndrome – Vicunha Gives us Some Insights

We have asked Brazilian mega denim manufacturer, Vicunha, for some advice about sliding down jeans and here is what they tell us: “To stop jeans sliding down there has to be a combination of a...

Sliding Down Jeans Syndrome – Citizens of Humanity Advice

We are following up with some more advice about how to avoid that our skinnies slide down at the butt when we sit, or bend down. We have asked California brand, Citizens of Humanity,...

The Sliding Down Jeans “Syndrome” – Siwy Advice

Continuing the "saga" of one of our worst denim nightmares, the sliding down jeans, here is what Siwy tells us: "We are totally aware of this issue and for that reason we have developed the...

The Sliding Down Jeans “Syndrome” Part 1

I am CONSTANTLY frustrated with this problem of having skinny jeans sliding down on my butt. No matter if they are mid- or high-rise, they slide. Period. And no matter if they are 3,4...

The Sliding Down Syndrome – ISKO Advice

Continuing with our series about how best to solve the problem of sliding down jeans, we have asked Marco Lucietti, global marketing director of ISKO, for his advice: “The issue of jeans sliding down can...

The Sliding Down Syndrome – Invista Lycra Advice

Continuing our series of trying to figure out how to avoid one of the most annoying "side-effects" of wearing skinny jeans, The Sliding Skinnies Syndrome (SSS!!), we have asked the people from mega brand,...

The Sliding Jeans Syndrome – Duchess Kate Middleton

The sliding jeans syndrome does not distinguish between you, me, or any duchess. As you can see, Kate Middleton is trying to keep her jeans up just like everybody else that's squeezing into girdle-like...