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Miley Cyrus in Levi’s® Shorts

Miley Cyrus in Levi's® shorts goes grunge as she heads to her car after partying it up at the 100 Club with pals in London, England. She had caught a performance by the band...

Miley Cyrus in Levi’s Daisy Dukes

Miley Cyrus in Levi's Daisy Dukes looks fabulous! She wears as little as possible while performing on stage and has clearly taken the same approach during her time off. She was spotted in tiny Daisy...

Miley Cyrus In Levi’s Denim Daisy Dukes

Miley Cyrus obviously loves wearing her beaten up Levi's denim shorts - well, the more beaten up, the cooler! This time she she was spotted in her fave denim shorts at the airport in Florida...

Miley Cyrus In Levi’s® Denim Shorts

Miley Cyrus, standing in front of the recording studio in Studio City, California, was wearing a pair of cut off Levi's shorts and what looks like, OMG! NOOOO!!! -- house slippers! What happened to...

Miley Cyrus In Levi’s Shorts

A friendly Miley Cyrus was snapped showing thumbs to the paparazzi as she was strolling around in LA. She wore a pair of Levi's denim shorts, white sneakers and a tee shirt knotted up...

Miley Cyrus In Levi’s® 501 Jeans

Lately I have seen Miley quite a few times in baggy jeans and cropped tees. I really like this look - BUT, hello chicks! Only with a "six-pack" tummy like hers! If your body...

Miley Cyrus in Levi’s Jeans????

I am in LOVE with Miley Cyrus' look here while she's out and about with Liam! Her high waist jeans are amazing. If you find any images to confirm these as Levi's then, by...

Miley Cyrus In Levi’s Cut-Offs

One of the most popular denim looks of 2011 was the denim cut-offs which were seen everywhere from celebrities, to style bloggers, to festivals, to the high street. When a trend is so widespread...

Miley Cyrus In Levi’s® Denim Shorts

It seems like everyone in celebsville has taken themself off to the beach for the New Year. Hollywood must be deserted! Miley Cyrus was photographed wearing a pair of vintage Levi's denim cut-offs as...

Miley Cyrus In Levi’s Denim Cut-Offs

There comes a time in every pop starlet's life when she stops dressing like a teenager and starts dressing like someone altogether more adult. It happened with Britney and Christina and now it's Miley...