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Trending RN: Raw Indigo Wide-Leg Jeans

Yes, we know, hard to believe - it's in the midst of summer and we're talking dark blue raw indigo denim! But trust us, dark wash jean have been a thing for a couple of years and

Trending RN – Baggy Jeans For Him And For Her

So okay, this is all about baggy jeans for dudes, but ladies are welcome, too! And vice versa, of course! We have denim loving ladies in our team

Trending RN And For Spring: Barrel Leg and Balloon Jeans

You've been spotting those curved, wider-leg and somewhat cropped jeans out there and are at loss what this style really is about.

Trending Right Now: Cargo and Carpenter Jeans

Baggy and oversized everything is the top fashion trend this season. And definitely will continue strong for the coming spring and summer as well.

Let’s Talk About The Again-Trending 70’s Jeans

The first question that pops up when hearing the term 70's jeans is: what exactly are 70's jeans. As opposed to the top trending 90's jeans.

Trending – 90’s Jeans Abercrombie & Fitch

Loose fitting 90's jeans have become on of the best selling denim trends in the last couple of years. And yes, for guys as well. The looser fit not only gives you more comfort

So, About Rigid Denim Jeans – Top Trending RN

To clear your most obvious doubts about rigid denim right here at the beginning: No, rigid doesn’t necessarily mean stiff and uncomfortable - in the longer run. They might feel like this the first time you put them on, but then you do the following:

Trending: Wide Cuffed Jeans For Him & Her

Ever since we featured Rihanna in her super baggy cuffed jeans --- we have been with our radar tuned to wide cuffs. Single or double cuff, both

Bella Hadid Wearing Top-Trending Baggy Loose Fit Jeans

A pensive and serious looking Bella Hadid was photographed as she was out in New York City, hiding her eyes behind black Le Specs shades

Trending RN – Colored Wide-Leg Jeans

Colored denim is so definitely making a huge comeback! Judging by all the fashion shows, previews, and also streetstyle features, these coming seasons